Tuesday, 19 August 2008

please pray for Bro Paul Forrest's family

My sister, Brenda, took a turn for the worst during the night. Her heart completely gave out and she passed away last evening after I sent the last email. I talked to the heart doctor immediately after she passed away and her heart would not respond to any kind of electrical shock. Please pray for our family. Brenda was 63, she had no children and was the only sister I had. Bro. Paul Forrest

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Thursday, 14 August 2008


Update on Brenda my sister, she had some heart problems yesterday but medication took care of the problem and today they took her off the medication. They have washed out the wound on her left shoulder several times and will continue to do so until around Thursday or Friday when they will stitch up the wound. She is still in an induced coma and will be probably until Monday or Tuesday of next week. They are to x-ray her back tomorrow - she is having problems lifting her left leg. She also has two broken ribs. The doctors says that she is a little better today than she was yesterday. Please keep her in your prayers. Bro. Paul

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

update on the sister of Bro Paul Forrest, Evangelist

Brenda is still in an induced state of unconsiousness, the doctors want to operate on the shoulder where her left arm was detached from shoulder but are unable at this time because of problems she is having with fluid in her lungs. The doctors Hope tomorrow they will be able to operate. At this point it seems it is still an hour by hour if she will recover. Please continue to pray for her. Bro. Paul

Monday, 11 August 2008

pray for the sister of Bro Paul Forrest, Evangelist

Early Sunday morning my Sister Brenda who lives near Snow Hill, NC was involved in a single car accident. She was thrown from the car and she lost her left arm all the way up to her shoulder, her blood clotted and she did not bleed all the way out. She is in the hospital in Greenville, NC on a ventilator in a semiconcious state. Please put her on your prayer list and pray for her. Brenda is 62